The Winter War. Contemporary publications, press reports, comments and news, 1939-1940

Soviet pilots fight against Finnish
airplanes misleadingly marked with
Civic Guard sleeve badges.
The actual insignia, swastika, used
since 1918 in Finnish military airplanes,
could not be used because it had easily
been confused with that of Germany,
then the contractual partner of the
Soviet Union. Cover page of the book:
"Heroes of the Finnish campaign". The
Krasnaja Zvezda Publishing House,
Moscow, 1940. Drawn by Dolgorukov.

Pravda Nr. , Nov 26, 1939: A Buffoon holding the post of Prime Minister
People's Power (Kansan valta) Nr. 4, Dec 7, 1939: Soviet airplanes over Viipuri
People's Power (Kansan valta) Nr. 10, Dec 15, 1939: Soviet pilots — Eagles of liberty
People's Power (Kansan valta) Nr. 6, Jan 17, 1940: A living corpse [League of Nations]
People's Power (Kansan valta) Nr. 24, Feb 23, 1940: The People's Government of Finland greets the Red Army
Prinimai nas, Suomi — krasavitsa. Receive us, Suomi [Finland] — the beauty. Presented by a Red Army ensamble in 1939. YouTube (Russian soldiers advancing, song with Finnish subtitles). Heninen, MP3
For Freedom of the People of Finland. Four poems from the collection For the Glory of Motherland. Poems and songs of the Red Army and the Navy. State Publishing House "Artistic Literature", Leningrad, 1940).

Newspaper Narodnaya Armiya (Army of the People, i.e. of Finland). The "Army" was created as a flank of the Red Army to liberate Finland from the yoke of her bourgeois government. Issue of Feb. 14, 1940. Two pages in Russian (front page, page 2). Translation of the communiqué about the new Soviet economic treaty with the National Socialist Germany published in the newspaper's page 2..

People's Power (Kansan valta).
Publisher: the "Democratic Government of Finland", headed by Otto-Wille Kuusinen.
17 issues from the Winter War times 1939-1940 (pdf, in Finnish, 35 MB).

Soviet-Russian view of the reasons of the Winter War and establishment of the Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic. Pages 33-47 from The Saga of the Karelo-Finnish Republic by I. Sergeyev, Workers Library Publishers, Inc. New York, January, 1941.


Civilian targets bombed in the center of Helsinki, on November 30,1939, first day of the war. A combined news reel footage (flv, 12 MB) superimposed with live contemporary radio commentary by the Finnish Broadcasting Company on the very site of one of the major bomp hits. Subtitles in English.
Week in Pictures in Finland (the magazine Suomen Kuvalehti) N:o 50, Dec. 1939: Marks of Soviet air raid destruction in Helsinki
Finnish Foreign Ministry publication of documents of the prelude of the Winter War, 1940.
Newspaper Uusi Suomi, N:o 15, Jan. 17, 1940: Huge number of booty on battlegrounds at Suomussalmi
Newspaper Uusi Suomi , N:o 31, Feb. 2, 1940: Columnist Timo: Against flying devils.


War on Nordic coasts, the leading article of Ny Dag, Swedish Communist newspaper, on April 9, 1940

The Times news comment on Swedish reactions, November 29, 1939
The Times leading article, December 11, 1939: Finland at Geneva.
The Times leading article on Soviet comments about expulsion of the USSR from the League of Nations, December 18, 1939: Strange jargon in which "provocation" meant the resolution of a small people to defend its borders.
The Labour Party. February, 1940: Finland. The Criminal Conspiracy of Stalin and Hitler. (pdf)
British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax on BBC (Finnish language transmission), on March 24, 1940: The bravery shown by the Finnish people will be rewarded in the future.

Former president Herbert Hoover appeals to the American people for material help to Finland. Subtitles in Finnish. (YouTube 5:40, the last 2 minutes).
Life Magazine's evalution of the Soviet demands on Finland and the Baltic states. October 30, 1939.

Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidadian musician Raymond Quevedo, "Atilla the Hun", recorded on Feb. 3, 1940, a calypso with the name Finland (YouTube). The song begins, "Dictators are ungenerous/Their actions highly advantegeous/By air and sea and land/That's how Soviet Russia invades Finland .."

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Finland in the Great Power politics, 1939-1940.

Finland in the Soviet foreign policy, 1939-1940. Material from the People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union and other sources.