A Russian propaganda leaflet 1939-40.

The toiling people
of Finland!
Workers, working women,
Soldiers of
the Finnish army!

The bloody atrocities of Mannerheim, Ryti and Tanner, henchmen and tyrants of the Finnish people, go on without cessation. It is not enough that they plunged the Finnish people into a criminal and hopeless war against the huge neighbor of Finland, the Soviet Union. They have also started war against the people of Finland. Peaceful inhabitants are forcefully evicted from cities and villages. Men and officers of the Civic Guard have set fire to many groups of villages and settlements on the Karelian isthmus and in Eastern Finland.
On an order from the governing gang of Ryti and Tanner the people of VIIPURI, TURKU, KOTKA and other Finnish cities will be evicted within 48 hours.
Finnish workers, peasants, officials, intellectuals and soldiers!
You will be evicted from your home localities, you are thrown under the open sky, your homes will be burned, your properties will be distroyed, your whole lifes are plunged into misery. Your mothers, wives, sisters, children are turned to homeless beggars. With one blow the fruits of people's lifelong work are destroyed. The century-long culture of the Finnish people is wrecked. Only the mortal enemies of the people can do this. It is war against their own people, it is a betrayal against their own people. The bunch of generals, financiers, manor owners and capitalists trample down the freedom and culture of Finland in people's blood and anguish simultaneously when the imperialistic foreign masters of this gang of traitors rub their hands with pleasure and praise this bunch of criminals.
Toilers of the Finnish people! Soldiers of the Finnish army! How long are you going to tolerate this destruction and disgrace?
It is time to bring people's sufferings to an end, time to dry women's and children's tears. It is time to finish the banditry of the renegade oppressors of the people, do not let your homes to be burned!
Workers! Do not let your factories be burned!
Soldiers! Turn your weapons against the destroyers of your home stoves! Go over to the People's Government led by OTTO KUUSINEN. This governments brings peace to the country! It has concluded a treaty of mutual assistance and friendship between the Soviet Union and the Democratic Republic of Finland. This treaty secures the independence of Finland, it secures a peaceful life and flourishment of the Finnish people, it relieves you from the horrors and destruction of the war.
Down with the bloody henchmen of the people, the renegade gang of Mannerheim, Tanner, Ryti! Down with arsonists of peasant houses and workers' homes!
Long live the people of free Finland and its Democratic Government!

This and similar leaflets were dropped from Soviet airplanes during the first days of the Winter War.
Translation from the Finnish text of the leaflet by Pauli Kruhse.

Villa Ainola, "headquarters" of Kuusinen "government" at Terijoki, in a recent photography. (terijoki.spb.ru)

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