Newspaper Uusi Suomi, March 27, 1940:

BRAVERY will be fully rewarded in future.
Message of Foreign Secretary Halifax.

The address by the British Foreign Secretary Lord  H a l i f a x   in the Finnish language transmission of the BBC to the people of Finland on Easter Sunday March 24, 1940:

There is no people whom I would more gladly address than the brave Finnish nation which has fought so gallantly for the ideals and aims for which we too in the British Empire have taken up arms: the right of each nation, however small, to live its own life, secure against aggression from powerful neighbours. If others had shared Finland's determination to resist evil and barbarism in the only way now left to civilisation — by force of arms — the citizens of our two countries would now have been fighting side by side in the common cause.

The message that I now wish to address to you, is not confined only to interpreting our sympathy on this heavy moment of yours, it also wants to honour the bravery you have shown during these past months and pronounce the desire and conviction that this bravery will be fully rewarded in the future.

Although your Government decided to accept the conditions set by the Soviet government, your army has remained invincible up to the very end and the spirits and endurance of your soldiers has won unqualified admiration in this country, which for centuries has brought up brave soldiers and which also knows how you feel when fighting forced against the wall. We are convinced that your hearts are at our side in the conflict into which we have brought to for making an end to violence and attacks similar to the one you have fallen to as last of the victims.

When our victory has been won, Finland will inevitably share in the benefits which will spring from the establishment of that lasting and righteous peace which the British Prime Minister and the President of the United States have both declared to be the only peace which is possible.

There might be dark moments in front of our peoples but we both stand firm convinced by the righteousness of our cause setting trust in the righteous God. The battle will be a long and bitter one, the waiting time long and bitter to you, but finally the ideals in which we both believe will win, and the dark forces that shadow the whole world will be wiped out.

The text in italics is what was quoted as Lord Halifax's message in John de Courcy's book "Behind the battle", Eyre and Spottiswood, London, 1942. Other parts of the text are translated from Finnish according to what was quoted in the newspaper report of Uusi Suomi, March 27, 1940. Translation Pauli Kruhse.

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