860d.51/370: Telegram

The President of the United States (Roosevelt) to the President of Finland (Kallio)
The White House,
December 6, 1939

This anniversary on which the Finnish people recall with pride the achievement of their independence gives me yet another welcome occasion to voice the wholehearted esteem felt for them and for their Government by the people and the Government of the United States.
It is my earnest hope that these tragic days may not be long in giving way to a happier era to permit the Finnic people to continue, untroubleded, the steady development of their free political and social institutions which have aroused the admiration of the American people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Kallio replied:

December 7, 1939

The President:
Accept, Excellency, my heartfelt thanks for felicitations on anniversary of Finland's independence and for token of sympathy toward Finland, who has been obliged with weapons to defend her independence, liberty and rights. Your message received with feeling of relief and you may rest assured that whole Finnish nation is deeply thankful to you and American people.

Kyösti Kallio

Source: Documents on American Foreign Relations, July 1939—June, 1940, vol. II. World Peace Foundation, Boston, 1940.

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