Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of European Affairs (Moffat)
  [Washington,] October 11, 1939
— — —
The Crown Prince of Sweden (Gustaf Adolf) to President Roosevelt

My Dear Mr. President : The frank and friendly talk on various political topics which I had with you when you were kind enough to visit me at Medical Center in June of last year and the interest for our country and for our close neighbour, Finland, shown by you and the people of the United States on many occasions enables me to approach you on the subject of the present Russian attitude towards Finland which is causing us grave concern.
Any possible menace to the integrity or independence of Finland is bound to create a very serious situation in the northern part of Europe. It would be looked upon in our country as of fundamental and sinister importance. May I point out that there is a non-aggression treaty in force between Finland and Russia, and that as to the Åland archipelago their present status is guaranteed by international agreement and that everything concerning these Finnish Islands on account of their situation very near our capital and for other reasons has always been considered by us as of very special importance to Sweden.
We look to you as trusted promoter of peace and justice. Could you see your way to use your influence in Moscow to counteract any possible attempts of an aggressive nature towards Finland?
This personal message of mine is of course made with the full sanction of my father, the King, and likewise with the full knowledge of the Swedish Government. I trust you will understand this earnest appeal made to you personally at a moment of grave national concern.

Gustaf Adolf

Source: Foreign relations of the United States. Diplomatic papers. 1939. Volume I. General. (CONCERN OF THE UNITED STATES OVER SOVIET DEMANDS ON FINLAND AND THE OUTBREAK OF THE WINTER WAR). Department of State 1956, publ. 6242. (University of Wisconsin Digital Collections)

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