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Memorandum by the Reich Foreign Minister

Subject: Conversation with the Russian Ambassador.

The Russian Ambassador made an appointment with me today in order to give me the answer of the Russian Government to the complaint concerning the article in the Latvian newspaper Janaukas Zinas. He said that he had instructions from his Government to inform me that the appearance of the article was due to a misunderstanding. His government had given instructions to Latvia, which now belonged to the Soviet Union, that in the future such articles were to be suppressed.
I answered the Russian that I took note of that. Such articles were not advantageous for the development of the good German-Russian relations which we desired. In the German press in turn we would not tolerate articles against Russian conditions either.
I then asked the Ambassador what truth there was to press reports of a stiffening in Russo-Finnish relations; whether they had reached a final understanding on the Aaland problem or whether there were otherwise any reasons for this stiffening. Herr Shkvarzev stated that he had no information on that point.
The Ambassador and his interpreter made a somewhat dejected impression during the talk.


Berlin, August 14, 1940.

Source: Nazi-Soviet relations 1939-1941. Documents from the Archives of The German Foreign Office. Washington, Department of State, publication 3023, 1948.

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