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Memorandum by an Official of Economic Policy Division V

Berlin, May 21, 1940.
e.o. W 2711 g.

According to information received from the Special Train, the Foreign Minister has discussed with the Führer the question of arms deliveries to Finland.1 The Führer has decided that arms deliveries to Finland are at present out of the question. I could not be foreseen at the moment when this attitude might undergo a change.
The OKW, War Economy and Armaments Office (Commander Koch) and the Ministry of Economics (Ministerialrat Ludwig) have been informed by telephone of the Führer's decision.

van Scherpenberg

1 The inquiry to Hitler evidently derived from a meeting of the Commercial Policy Committee on May 16, the Minutes of which reported the following points on Finland (5382/E361672-73):
"Herr Schnurre reported on his conversations with the Finnish Government in Helsinki and on the agenda for the forthcoming negotiations with Finland.
"Finland will resume in full the copper deliveries of 11,000 tons net annually; there is some prospect that these deliveries may be further increased by 50 percent- It will probably become necessary, in return, also to supply war material to the Finns at least in a limited amount. The military aspect of the question will be studie by the OKW, as soon as details of the Finns' wishes are available. Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry will ascertain whether the authoritative quarters have any objections, on political grounds, to war material being supplied to Finland."
Sources: Documents on German foreign policy 1918-1945, Series D, IX, Nr. 293. Akten zur deutschen auswärtigen Politik 1918-1945, Serie D. Band IX, 293.

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