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The communication of the German Legation in Helsinki
to the German nationals,  on February 25, 1940

German Legation

To the German nationals
in Finland. 

    The German Legation informs you about the following::

    The return journey possibility to Germany has due to hard winter worsened substantially. The boat connection to Germany does not exist any more and is unlike be resumed in the foreseeable future. The airplanes which operate from Finland to Sweden, are a long time been constantly booked for many days in advance. In a sudden travel rush it cannot be expected at all, that the departure from Finland by air is possible. Only the railway via Torneå-Haparanda will still be open. This way, for the moment, you still can daily make a return journey to Germany. In the case of a sudden travel rush neither is this last option for a return journey guaranteed. The German Legation must point out in all seriousness to the fact that by remaining in Finland you might get into a situation, where the German Legation is unable to help you. You are urged to consider thoroughly whether you remain with the family you may have in Finland or whether you prefer to return to Germany as soon as possible.

    The German Legation asks you for quickest possible notice of you decision, possibly about the information about of the departure date.

    It is urgently asked that this precautionary communication would not be used as an occasion for rumors, which spread unnecessary anxiety.

Kilo/Helsinki, 25th of February, 1940
[Seal of the Legation.]

The source:  The magazine Deutsch-Evangelisch in Finnland, nr. 10/1999

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