Finland - Press statement by Herbert Hoover, Nov. 4, 1941. New York City

I PROTEST at the United States' using pressure on Democratic Finland on behalf of Communist Russia. The independence of Finland from Russia twenty years ago was largely an American creation. The name of Woodrow Wilson stands on a score of Finnish landmarks. We set Finland on her feet. The Finns were the only people in Europe who repaid the money we loaned them. Only two years ago this peaceful little nation was outrageously attacked by Communist Russia. Our whole country heralded it as the most heroic stand of democracy since Thermopylae. The Finns, to save something, surrendered a third of their country to Russia. Then the Com-munists drove six hundred thousand Finnish men, women and children from the homes they had held for 500 years without even bedclothes to protect them from the winter. True their armies have gone into Karelia, but that was formerly also mostly Finnish. Can America reproach them for taking the first chance to recover these homes and their former countrymen?
Has America lost all sense of human and moral proportions?
Lähde: ADDRESSES UPON THE AMERICAN ROAD BY Herbert Hoover, World War II 1941-1945, D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. New York 1946.

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