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The government issued a communiqué about passing a German division in transit, on 25th of June, 1941.

In the situation, which now has been created by the outbroken war between Germany and the Soviet Union, Sweden will without wavering follow her aspirations to protect her independence, and her self-determination, and will keep herself out of military conflicts. The new situation has however brought certain particular questions in front of us.

Thus, from both, the Finnish and German side has been asked permission to use Swedish railways to pass troops, restricted to the size of a division, from Norway to Finland. The government has, after hearing the parliament, given permission to this in a form that will not violate the Swedish sovereignty.

The Swedish News Agency (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå)

Source: Svensk utrikespolitik under andra världskriget. Internationell politik 24, skrifter utgivna av Utrikespolitiska institutet, Kooperativa förbundets bokförlag, Stockholm, 1946. (Swedish Foreign Policy under the Second World War, Stockholm, 1946). Translation: Pauli Kruhse

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