Helsinki, December 31, 1940.
Srictly confidential.


    What I learned from the Foreign Minister Witting, the German minister turned up at him yesterday, December 30, to deliver a statement similar with the one concerning the Swedish-Finnish cooperation that the German minister in Stockholm had delivered to his Excellency [Foreign Minister]. Mr. von Blücher said that the German side would advise the Finns not to preceed in this matter, because it probably might be interpreted badly in the Soviet Union. Later when the discussion went on, the German minister returned to the matter expressing that on the German side they would advise against any attempt to carry this idea into effect. The discussion otherwise went on in routine>

    Concerning the general question about the German attitude to the Finnish-Russian relations, the Foreign minister confirmed that no new topics have lately arised. He reminded of the information of reassuring contents, which had been earlier received relating to the course of the German-Russian conversations under Molotov's visit in Berlin. The Hungarian minister who recently returned from a longer vacation in his home country, reported about the impression Foreign Minister Csaky got in his meeting with Hitler right after his meeting with Molotov. What Csaky learned was likewise reassuring (my letter of December 5). Well, this was fine "but before the great war will be in the end, we cannot feel ourselves comfortable", added the Foreign Minister.

Yours truly       
Stig Sahlin       

S.Söderblom, Chief assistant foreign secretary
Royal Foreign Ministry.

Source: Swedish National Archives. Utrikesdepartementets 1920 års dossiersystem: Bihang till HP1 Af: 2 "Finska frågan": 138. 

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