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Foreign ministry made an announcement on July 5, 1940, about transit traffic through Sweden to Norway, of German soldiers on leave and of German goods:

After hostilities have ceased in Norway, the restrictions imposed by the war, on the transit traffic to and from Norway are no longer valid. Therefore, all sorts of goods in this traffic can now be transported on the Swedish railways.

Likewise, a permission is granted for through traffic to persons of the German armed forces, first of all soldiers on leave, and special trains and carriages allotted to this will be used.

Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (Swedish News Agency)

Source: Svensk utrikespolitik under andra världskriget. Internationell politik 24, skrifter utgivna av Utrikespolitiska institutet, Kooperativa förbundets bokförlag, Stockholm, 1946. (Swedish Foreign Policy under the Second World War, Stockholm, 1946). Translation: Pauli Kruhse

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The German reply on Soviet protests of transit traffic in Finland, Oct. 2, 1940.