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Minister Schnurre to Swedish Foreign Minister Günther

Stockholm, July 8, 1940

Mr. Minister,

I have the honor to confirm to you that agreement has been reached between the German Government and the Royal Swedish Government on the following:

1) The Royal Swedish Government is prepared to permit the transit of shipments of the German Wehrmacht consisting of goods of all kinds (Wehrmachgut) including war material from Germany or the areas in Denmark and Norway occupied by Germany through Swedish territory to Norwegian destinations as well as in the opposite direction to the extent possible in view of the available transport facilities. The shipment may be escorted by transport details.
2) In so far as goods are concerned for which according to Swedish regulations a transit permit is required the German Government will in each case, in compliance with the usual formalities, notify the Swedish Government of the shipment in advance in order to ensure prompt transit.
3) The Royal Swedish Government is prepared to permit the transportation of members of the German Wehrmacht, especially those on leave, in uniform (without weapons not belonging to the personal equipment of the soldier and with the stipulation that rifles and pistols will be transported in special cars), across Swedish territory between the points mentioned under 1, both as individual travelers and in the form of group transports, in the case of the latter after prior notification for the purpose of agreement on suitable measures for carrying out the transit.
4) Such individual conferences as may still be necessary to carry out the above arrangements will be started at once between the German Legation in Stockholm, with the possible participation of the Wehrmacht attachés, on the one hand, and the competent Swedish authorities on the other.
5) The individual questions that may arise in the future in the execution of this agreement will in each case be settled in the same manner with the competent Swedish authorities.
Please accept, Mr. Minister, the assurance of my highest esteem.


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Preliminary notes were exchanged on June 25 and 29, and the final one on July. 8. Foreign Minister Günther's note to Schnurre consisted of a similar text in Swedish (4449/E086710-12).

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