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Ny Dag, on April 9, 1940 (Leading article:)

War on Nordic coasts.

    Yesterday we predicted that the provocative violation of Norway's neutrality by England has to produce a very extensive reply from Germany. It came much quicker than many people anticipated. Vast areas of Norway and Denmark have beeen occupied by the German military. Mine barrages are laid between The Scaw and the Norwegian coast, which caused Sweden to be cut off from passage to oceans. Norway and Denmark have been converted to an operational theatre of war between the Western Powers and Germany.

    It was these "protectors of small nations", England and France, which by their flagrant violation of the Norwegian sovereignty brought this situation to the Nordic countries. The Swedish people should now see what a dangerous and criminal game was played here during the war in Finland. The Western Powers, which since the beginning of the war worked for creating a northern front against Germany, gave advice to Tanner and Erkko [Finnish foreign ministers] for a total stubbornness in whatever concerns the Soviet demands for security. By this way those who listened England drew the scourge of war onto their own country. The Swedish war advocates worked submissively along the English guidelines with the purpose that Sweden and Norway will be the next in turn. England and France, dressed up in white attires from Geneva, played the role of protectors of small nations. If the governments of Sweden and Norway had fallen into this trap, we had already for some weeks ago been entangled in a war with the Soviet Union and Germany, and as a result of this England and France could have been able to use Northern Europe as a theatre of war. The Western Powers had to unmask their real face: the naked and brutal imperialism. This confirms what we always have said: the both parties in this war, the Western Powers and Germany, represent imperialistic robber interests. Minelaying in Norwegian territorial waters was a provocation. The German imperialism managed in the meantime to prepare itself to a quick response. Warships and troop carriers were ready for occupying the most important strategic points in Norway and Denmark, at the fastest pace.

    The main cities of Norway and Denmark have already fallen into foreign hands. The population will be certainly be evacuated at the highest speed as one can expect an English attack against Germany's new positions in Northern Europe.

    The whole Swedish nation will set to itself a big question: What will Sweden do? We will give the same answer we have given from the beginning of the war last september: The strength of the Swedish people must be united to the aim of keeping the country out of the horrors and scourge of the war. It is not an easy task. The Western Powers will do whatever they can to drive the Nordic countries into a war with Germany. The Germans have a great interest for seeing Sweden to run her jobs and to supply goods but - in the future it is not out of question that they will try to occupy some support points on Swedish coasts. But, if the people of Sweden will maintain its calm and presence of mind and, unshakably, holds on tight to its will to stay out of the imperialistic war, there still is an possibility to prevent Sweden from becoming a theatre of war.

    In the new situation it is of urgent Swedish interest to create honest and friendly relations with the socialist peace power in the East, the Soviet Union, which can become a strong support for peace and independence for Sweden and will secure Sweden's food supply during the war.

    The great majority of people will support every such measure taken by the government, which has the purpose of keeping Sweden out of the war, and aims at constraining the extent of the horrible war fire that has started to rage on Nordic coasts. The decisive prerequisite for such a policy is that advocates of war are kept down with a hard hand, and that democracy will be restored in Sweden, so that all forces of peace can do their work freely.

G.J. [Gustav Johansson, editor-in-chief]

Source: Ny Dag, a Communist newspaper, Stockholm, Sweden, on the 9th of April, 1940. Translation from Swedish by Pauli Kruhse.

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