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Reminder from the German Legation, April 9,1940.
Delivered by [German Minister in Stockholm Victor zu] Wied to [the Foreign Minister of Sweden Christian] Günther April 9 at 7 a.m.

R e m i n d e r

1) The German Government expects Sweden to maintain strictest neutrality refraining from all kinds of measures that are directed against German occupation of Denmark and Norway, especially from measures of military mobilization and concentration of troops
2) The German Government requests that the Swedish military vessels shall not, in their own interest, make voyages in Kattegat and in the Sound as well as at the southern coast of Sweden farther off than the Swedish territorial waters (3 nm.). After the situation will become cleared up, the limitations of freedom to move for Swedish military vessels will be lifted again.
3) The German Government expects no impediments in the telegraphic and telephone communications from the offices of German authorities in Norway on the lines going through Sweden.
4) The German Government expects carrying on the delivery of ore to Germany (prevention of sabotage inspired by England).
Source: Handlingar rörande Sveriges politik under andra världskriget. Transiteringsfrågor och därmed sammanhängande spörsmål. [Documents of Swedish policy during the WWII. Transit traffic questions and others related to them.] April—juni 1940. Kungl. Utrikesdepartetmentet. Stockholm, 1947. — Engl. translation by Pauli Kruhse.

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