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The envoys of Sweden, Norway and Denmark at Moscow delivered, each one separately, the following note to the government of the Soviet Union on 12 Oct. 1939:

All the Nordic governments monitor attentatively the negations, now started between Soviet Union and Finland. They express their expectations that nothing such will be called in question that prevents Finland in full freedom to keep to the neutral position she has taken, in close cooperation with other Nordic countries. They warmly wish that the negotiations will strengthen the amicable relationship between the Soviet Union and Finland.

The Swedish News Agency (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå)

Source: Svensk utrikespolitik under andra världskriget. Internationell politik 24, skrifter utgivna av Utrikespolitiska institutet, Kooperativa förbundets bokförlag, Stockholm, 1946. (Swedish Foreign Policy under the Second World War, Stockholm, 1946). Translation: Pauli Kruhse

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